Raising the bar

If you’ve read my blog before, perhaps you’ve wondered if I am really as discontent as I sometimes sound. And maybe, at times — ‘reading between the lines’ — you’ve even thought that I might be somewhat of a pessimist.

You could say that I’ll often find that the glass is half empty. I’d suppose you’d be right. And am I discontent about that glass being half full? Absolutely so. But I strongly oppose the suggestion that that has anything to do with being pessimistic. On the contrary.

Positivism, in my opinion, can never simply mean accepting things as they are. That’s called apathy. Being positive, and I mean really, unconditionally positive about something, comes from the deeply held belief that the potential of that glass is to be full, and the means to make it so are within reach.

Now, I’m not a cheerful and easy-going guy by any means. And I am discontent. And, by all means, positive: Positive that the glass can be full. And willing to fight the apathy that suggests otherwise. Pushing to raise the bar, at risk of being seen as a pessimist for not accepting the status quo. Or perhaps, especially then. When it is needed most.